Heather Stobo

Heather Stobo earned a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MFA from California Institute of the Arts. Stobo was a three-time recipient of the SFAI Merit Scholarship and awarded the Jane Lyne Scholarship at Cal Arts. Her photographic series have been exhibited in group and solo shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles-including the Los Angeles Biennial Juried Exhibition. A critical essay on Stobo's photography appeared in the GLQ published by Duke University Press. Her personal essays have been published in Frontiers magazine, The Bubble, and the online salon Fresh Yarn. Stobo currently lives in Ojai with her wife, Lisa. After 13 years together they are still unable to answer her brother's question, "which one is the man?"
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California Institute of the Arts
Master of Fine Arts
Major: Photography
May 2000
San Francisco Art Institute
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Major: Photography
May 1998
Denison University
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Art History
May 1992
James Taylor
Lennox, MA
  • Produced a series of photographs featuring James Taylor's naked chest.
  • Witnessed firsthand that a two-story projection of a 50-yr old man's bare torso was not an ideal backdrop for a rock concert.
  • Gracefully accepted that a degree in conceptual photography did not qualify me for a career in celebrity portraiture.
Digital Data Management Company
Ojai, CA
Technical Director
  • Experienced the dark-side of sweat equity.
Oct. 2012 - Oct. 2013
Cosmetic Display Design and Manufacturing Company
Monrovia, CA
Creative Director
  • Stoically conveyed to clients that the Owner of Company and his boyfriend started their business because "the allure of the cosmetic retail world kept tempting them."
  • Effectively pretended to be interested in lipstick.
2004 - 2007
Prestigious Los Angeles Gallery (Self-Described)
Los Angeles, CA
Photographer/head of image department
  • Annoyed Director by meandering throughout galleries at a slow pace
  • Ignored office politics and alienated Director's personal assistant
  • Repeatedly made failed attempts of appearing busy by operating light meter and exclaiming "Beautiful light. Gonna take a lot of pictures today."
Aug. 2001 - Sept. 2001
Prestigious Los Angeles Based Casting Director (Self-Described)
Los Angeles, CA
  • Insured cleanliness of staff by bathing with Boss
  • Managed company public outreach by dating Boss's Ex
  • Successfully appeared hurt and shocked when confronted about inappropriate work place behavior
Aug 2000 - Oct. 2000
Seniorcare Management Facility Owning Company Partners
Los Angeles, CA
Assistant to C.F.O.
  • Confirmed employees belief in nepotism when hired by brother (C.F.O)
  • Eased employees' insecurities about their own family life when they heard fights with C.F.O.
  • Never learned what type of businesses company actually represented
June 1999 - Sept. 1999
Bath & Lotion Store
San Francisco, CA
Sales Person
  • Successfully passed training period and signed contract that made it legally difficult for termination.
  • Earned title of "Lifeless Caucasian" through an extensive four page, typed, single-spaced, customer complaint detailing poor attitude.
March 1993 - Aug. 1995
The Restaurant Where Losers Work (as described by my mother)
Santa Fe, NM
Deli Girl
  • Gained twenty pounds
  • Made Chicken Salad sandwich for Robert Redford out of gristle that crunched when sampled.
  • Made BLT sandwich out of bacon gristle that crumbled into dusty flakes when sampled.
  • Appeared sufficiently interested as Boss loudly pointed out the low level of intelligence required to make a good sandwich, much less one that someone complained about.
June 1996 - Aug. 1996
Long walks on the beach. Someone who understands me. Blond hair, blue eyes.